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Swiss Railway Engineering SRE GmbH is a leading, dynamic Centre of Excellence for railway and magnetic levitation transport systems and projects - a nexus for competence, quality, knowledge and innovation.




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ERTMS, ETCS and GSM-R Expertise


Senior Project and Programme Management


Formal Requirements Engineering and Management



Software Development for Railway Applications


CENELEC safety standards and RAMS management


Independent Safety Assessment


Risk and Hazard Analysis


Systems testing, validation and acceptance approval


Interface Specification and Standardisation


Railway Operations Design and System Planning


International Tendering and Procurement



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Middle East Rail Conference
Project Director Niklaus H. König was invited to present the SwissRapide Express projects led by Swiss Railway Engineering to over 500 international delegates at the Middle East Rail Conference in Dubai. The innovative SwissRapide PI2 financing model as well as potential SwissRapide-based Maglev projects in the Middle East were also presented by Mr. König. Within the scope of the conference, talks were also held with Hyperloop Technologies Inc. CEO Rob Lloyd and Hyperloop Vice President Knut Sauer, as well as with representatives from the Oman Rail Company, AECOM, ABB and CANARAIL.

Comtrade Automotive and Swiss Railway Engineering SRE GmbH Announce a Strategic Partnership to Meet the Mobility Needs of the Future
Comtrade Automotive, a European digital platform provider for mobility-as-a-service solutions and Swiss Railway Engineering SRE GmbH, a leading Centre of Excellence for railway and magnetic levitation (Maglev) transport systems and projects, announced a strategic partnership to provide innovative solutions to meet the growing, sustainable mobility needs of cities and metropolitan areas. "Societal trends such as population growth, urbanisation and digitalisation will have a significant effect on mobility in the cities and regions in the coming years. Already today, infrastructure systems are not able to handle the current growth, and in addition, metropolitan areas will have to reduce their transportation emissions. For this reason, we believe that cities and regions will increasingly require new, sustainable mobility systems and smart technologies. Since railways are an important stakeholder in the mobility-as-a-service eco-system worldwide, we are excited about our partnership with Swiss Railway Engineering SRE GmbH." says Marko Javornik, GM/VP Automotive at Comtrade. "We believe that the key to the future of mobility is the implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), which means introducing new, innovative systems, improving and optimising the current transport technologies, as well as integrating the different services in order to provide end-to-end mobility solutions. Bringing together knowledge from the two fields " railway engineering and digitalisation " will enable the partner companies to provide intelligent, future-oriented solutions that will better meet the mobility needs of our citizens," stated Niklaus H. König, Director and CEO of Swiss Railway Engineering.

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